Barker Institute Journal

This Learning in Practice Journal is the second compilation of different moments in time across the breadth of Barker during 2018. Our focus on quality teaching, motivation and engagement, breadth of learning opportunities, research and collaboration are some of the key aspects of the journey for all of our students accompanied by their teachers. 

The stories and reports in this Journal are all situated within the context of the school setting. They have been published with two key purposes in mind. Firstly, to share these important stories with the broader learning community and to archive experiences that are of interest and deserve acknowledgement. Secondly, the journal allows different vignettes of the Barker fabric, whether co-curricular, teaching and learning, pastoral or research, to be remembered now and into the future.

Learning in Practice Journal 2018

A Year in Review - The Barker Institute in 2018
Dr Brad Merrick

Understanding our successful learners - What does our research tell us?
Dr Brad Merrick

2017 HSC Results: How to pass their successes on to their successors 
Amanda Eastman

Barker New Syllabus, New Approach: Preparing Physics students for university studies with a structured approach to the Year 11 course
Dean Johnston and Dr Matthew Hill

Positioning inquiry: The place for inquiry in Years 7-10
Andy Mifsud and Greg Longney

Advantages of Online Learning in Design and Technology
Sally Filtness

Junior School together on the main campus with the completion of Kurrajong
Martin Lubrano, Ainslie Breckenridge, Sarah Dickson, Martin Conway

The College of Teachers: Coaching within a TLC Context
Dr Greg Cunningham

Collaborative Professional Learning in the Junior School
Nicky Cameron

Service Learning Partnerships: The Barker in Timor-Leste Program
Matthew Lloyd

Art, a channel to understanding and appreciating culture
Matthew Bentham


Learning in Practice Journal 2017


A More Formative Assessment Approach to Middle School
Jeremy Von Einem

A Coeducational Future
Melissa Brady

Darkinjung Barker: A year in review
Jamie Shackleton

Shaping Blended Learning at Barker
James Stewart, Su Temlett, Paul Harmon and Andrew Mifsud

Redefining the Senior School to Promote Independent Learning through eTime
Jeremy von Einem

Developing Hearts & Minds through Philosophical Instruction: A short review of the Hearts & Minds Program in 2016-2017
Dr Matthew Hill

Establishing our Darkinjung Reading Programs
Michele Studd

History as Argument
Kath Driver

The Barker College of Teachers: Developing Capacity in Teachers 
Dr Greg Cunningham and Len Nixon

NELP: Clarifying and Changing Practice around Academic Enrichment and Extension
Greg Longney

STEM Education and the Water Industry
Noni Taylor


Barker Bunker then and now: the first five years and the next five years
Alex Butt and Alison Cox

Barker Girls Rugby Sevens Trial: Breaking Stereotypes
Alex Butt and Alison Cox

A year in the life of Barker Robotics: Engaging students for a lifetime
Lael Grant


How the Middle School encourages boys to look beyond themselves
Tim Eastman and Damien Whitington

Learning to Lead Through Service: Barker Service Partnerships
Simon Walker and Dean Bunn


Reflections from the 'Barker Journey' study 2016 interviews
Amanda Eastman

The final interview of the Barker Journey: a glimpse inside the thoughts of our veterans from 2008-2017
Dr Brad Merrick 

Using video and multimedia to engage Year 7 students in recreational reading
Melanie Webster

Reflections on the College of Teachers' Inaugural Year
Dr Brad Merrick and Dr Greg Cunningham

Hope: An action-research project on student wellbeing
Malyn Mawby

A year in review: The Barker Institute in 2017
Dr Brad Merrick