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The Barker Institute coordinates a variety of research projects into child and youth development and excellence in education. A small selection are featured on this webpage. Please contact us to inquire about our current projects or a possible future collaboration.

The Barker Journey

The data collected through the ‘Barker Journey’ interviews illuminates aspects of value adding that defy traditional metrics. The inaugural version of the study commenced in 2008 and by the time the participants graduated in 2017, it was evident that they had gained so much more than just academic enrichment. They spoke of a unique and transformative School culture that had inspired them to be the best possible versions of themselves. They credited the teachers with being inspirational role models whose impact would last well beyond the students’ school completion. They spoke of how the opportunities and facilities at the School had helped them to broaden their horizons and achieve audacious aspirations. The researchers have now had the pleasure of interviewing the current 2019 coeducational Year 3 cohort and they look forward to sharing the results of the study with the Barker community over the next 10 years. Interviews are also being undertaken with the graduates of the 2008-2017 study as they draw upon their Barker experience over a year after finishing school.

Details of the 2008-2017 study continue to be disseminated but a selection of articles are listed below:


Collaboration Partners


The Barker institute has had recent collaborations with the following institutions in order to further excellence through education research.